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This is our building in 1940. It was a gas station run by the Ribel Brothers.  It has been a gas station, a bus stop, and a bar. Our building is an historic landmark here in Altus.
In 1984 the building was purchased by the Bartlett family and renamed Bartlett's Tavern. The "Home of the Dead Pecker Inn" nickname was created, and has been what everyone calls it ever since. There is a story behind the name. Come on in and we'll tell it to you.
The building has changed hands a couple of times. But the bar was closed down in 2015. We re-opened it in 2018. The name change was a legal decision. But the Dead Pecker name had to stay. We hold the history of our little beer bar very close to our hearts. And vow to continue the legacy inherited from Glenn and Gloria Bartlett. As well as the other owners before us.